Warcraft 3 1.27 comes March, 15th - matchmaking & advanced communication

Robert Bridenbecker
Vice President, Technology Strategy & Planning at Blizzard Entertainment

Thanks for Chinese community who still tends to play WC3, Blizzard decided to pleasure their devotion with a new patch. Version 1.27 will come March, 15th.

Main points: matchmaking (instead of current ladder) and advanced communication (probably voice?).

So far there are no any kind of proper changelogs (do not trust the «leaked» ones).

No idea if it will contain any changes for mapmakers.

Few days, here we go.


Best abuses for official 6.83d

Bugs for sure

Easy leave
You are tired of 4 retards ruining your game? You make whole game by youself but they are not deserved to win it? If you leave, they will unlock your items and could still win. Use -disablehelp option to protect your items! Nobody can pickup your items with -disablehelp enabled. Only issue is somebody able to understand — he can transfer the item through your hero directly to his hero. But that requires time.

Emergency exit
 Phantom Lancer can use Doppelganger out of map border and crash the game with it. It may be tricky, and you probably need to move your camera with Ins/Del buttons.

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WC3 never stops to surprise me

In order to support Octarine Orb's spell lifesteal (and overall increase accuracy attack detecting system) I had to move all hardcoded spells into wrappers. Dummies throwing spells being perfect way to detect if damage is magical — just look for Aloc.

Everything was fine — simple triggers, nothing complex. Every hardcoded shockwave being copied and used as dummy-wave: original wave deals 0 damage and no animation, dummy wave provides damage and visuals. These changes affects Lina, Banshee and Magnus in first place.

There were few reports about failed shockwave casters. Only few — and that caused me to think it's minor bug, which cannot be reproduced in any set I've tried. I did know that shockwave cannot be casted on cliffs, so my best guess was — somehow people break my system, casting waves right into cliifs. But once map hit RGC, things went crazy — amount of reports about broken waves rised as Spartacus in da best times. Even more — waves didn't work even on flat terrain. That what I can call catastrophic issue.

One more thing — there were quite few reports of SF's Requiem of Souls being broken as well. If you remember, it's based on Shockwaves too. But let's dig things out.

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