WC3 never stops to surprise me

In order to support Octarine Orb's spell lifesteal (and overall increase accuracy attack detecting system) I had to move all hardcoded spells into wrappers. Dummies throwing spells being perfect way to detect if damage is magical — just look for Aloc.

Everything was fine — simple triggers, nothing complex. Every hardcoded shockwave being copied and used as dummy-wave: original wave deals 0 damage and no animation, dummy wave provides damage and visuals. These changes affects Lina, Banshee and Magnus in first place.

There were few reports about failed shockwave casters. Only few — and that caused me to think it's minor bug, which cannot be reproduced in any set I've tried. I did know that shockwave cannot be casted on cliffs, so my best guess was — somehow people break my system, casting waves right into cliifs. But once map hit RGC, things went crazy — amount of reports about broken waves rised as Spartacus in da best times. Even more — waves didn't work even on flat terrain. That what I can call catastrophic issue.

One more thing — there were quite few reports of SF's Requiem of Souls being broken as well. If you remember, it's based on Shockwaves too. But let's dig things out.

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