Best abuses for official 6.83d

Bugs for sure

Easy leave
You are tired of 4 retards ruining your game? You make whole game by youself but they are not deserved to win it? If you leave, they will unlock your items and could still win. Use -disablehelp option to protect your items! Nobody can pickup your items with -disablehelp enabled. Only issue is somebody able to understand — he can transfer the item through your hero directly to his hero. But that requires time.

Emergency exit
 Phantom Lancer can use Doppelganger out of map border and crash the game with it. It may be tricky, and you probably need to move your camera with Ins/Del buttons.

My rapier (or gem)!
You can protect your  Gem or  Rapier from being used by anyone else. Only restriction — it works at fountain areas, but no worry — it's pretty big. So, if you definitely gonna die, use -disablehelp and suicide next to fountain. Nobody will ever pickup dropped item, but you.

My rapier (or gem). Saga.
If a  courier dies, he doesn't drop any item (if he wasn't broken and then it drops everything and never ressurects again). So, you can pickup  rapier or  Gem with it and safely transfer it to your base within 3 mins.

Grief the game with KotL
Old abuse with  Kotl and Recall — moving your dummy allies onto cliffs. Command -disablehelp helps partially — it locks Kotl from direct targeting. But you can target the ground nearby the real target no matter what!

A wise guy
 Batrider can easily detect invisible units or the real hero between illusions. Napalm shows number only over the real hero, no matter if he is visible or not. Use it to detect assassins!

Burn, baby, burn
 Urn of Shadows triggers Napalm damage just like normal attack. This trick allows  Batrider to incinerate the target twice as fast.

Greater Charge
 Barathum doesn't care about enemy's  Linken's Sphere. His Charge of darkness doesn't go into cooldown when wasted on Linken, which allows to dispell spell block from whole enemy team and still get the target to run onto.

Sold, but not delivered
Selling  Linken's Sphere won't stop it from applying the buff on the carrier again and again like it's on the inventroy. This way you can get free slot. Note: you have to lose buff at least once in order for this to work, dying or getting the target of enemy's spell.

Dry them out
 Sniper's Shrapnel allows to dispell any big heal from enemy even on level 1. All you need is to hit enemy with animation (scatters debrei) of falling.

Silent danger
Learning  Clinkz Searing Arrows while being Windwalked allows to attack enemies with right click without breaking invisiblity. Works only for the duration of this Windwalk and only for right click.

Attack them while they're hot
 Axe,  Centaur,  Shredder,  Legion,  Tiny — all of them have passive abilities which reacts on attack event. Issue is, orb attack doesn't count. You can beat the shit of any of them, using hotkey attack on Viper/Silencer/etc, without fearing of passive.

I like when you (don't) hit me
The more you trying to stop the attack while being  Duel'd or Aggro'ed  by Axe, the more passive procs you triggers. And please, if you are playing support with zero damage, DO NOT attack those heroes if they caught your ally. You only make it worse (or maybe it's what you want?).

I don't care about your rules
 Reality Rift ignores Spell Block  and always shifts positions of the target and the caster.

Poisonous Dazzle
Dazzle's   poison counts as stun and prevents most triggered abilities from channeling. For insance,  Charge of Darkness or Sun Ray of Phoenix. A single point into this skill is enough to stop such skills.

Disable the shit out of them
Static Storm of  Disruptor, upgraded with Aghanim's Scepter, disables evasion, critical strike and damage block from every affected unit. Same happens under the Doom or Duel. Kill them easily!

You can not deny any ally under the  Doom's ultimate, unless if it's upgraded with Aghanim Scepter.

Poisonous Dragon Knight
 DK's poison from Dragon Form works on every object, including wards. But some stuff bugs out because of this, for instance — you can't destroy  Pugna's Ward. It heals back!

Be silent
 Gust harshly locks out it's victims, preventing them from any movement. Enemies cannot dagger out — they'll be returns to original position.

Hawking's award
 Enigma's Black Hole can't stop units from using instant orders like items. You can get youself onto  Eul to avoid damage or   use Shiva to deal the damage.

Long jumps
 Void can jump 2x as far if tree is targeted with Time walk. You have to be precious though, pointing to the very center of tree. Using  Phase Boots right after jump allows to decrease accuracy.

Slide to unlock
You can move hell a long path on the border of the map with  Slark. Use Pounce with proper facing angle, and you'll travel half of map.

Kill it with magic?
Passive ability of  Huskar recounts it's bonuses every 0.5 seconds. Placing whole magic damage into a single 0.5 window allows to penetrate him easily.

Diabolic Wasted
Explosions of  Leshrac triggers onto invulnerable units (under effect of Eul, for instance), wasting damage.

Chain of fingers
 Lion's Finger of Death, upgraded by Scepter, turns into Chain lightning with 16 max targets and small jump distance. You don't have to pickup enemies into pile for ulti — just make chain of them!

Laguna Gib
 Lina's Laguna Blade with Scepter deals the damage instantly, without 0.25 delay like normal ultimate. This damage ignores target's spell resist as well and cannot be improved by Ethereal state.

Chieftain still bigger
Any stun, following after  Chieftain's Stomp, will turns a sleep effect into stun. Basically you can make stun for 5 seconds long, if another stun will be applied onto stomped enemy within 0.65seconds after that. You can easily do that with  Ogre, but thats pretty much wacky combo.

Open wounds, closed eyes
 Lifestealer's Slow doesnt' work on invisible of fogged units. It cannot be dispelled either, no matter which dispel tries to do it.

Stone Gaze
 Medusa's ultimate increases any damage received by affected enemies. Pickup pure damage casters and destroy them!

Buying back as  Meepo with clones doesn't trigger a penalty of gold. It doesn't increase next respawn duration either. As well, Tranquil Boots will follow the main hero's state, no matter what clones do, providing extra regen and movespeed permanently.

Many buffs and debuffs can be removed with morphing by  Troll or  Medusa. Yes, Split shot is a morphing ability. Zero cooldown allows to dispel literally everything which is dispellable. Just came to my mind —  Naga's armor debuff or  Veil of Discord debuff.

Bad morphing
Changing hero attack type from melee to ranged or vice versa causes all  Manta's illusions to disappear.

Endless Heart
 Spirit Bear can make use of Heart of Tarrasque and Dagger and never lose it, regardless damage received.

Dominating the creep which has been haunted by  Lifestealer effectively deletes him from the game. Lifestealer able to get out only if he has contol over the unit or if unit dies.

Priceless hide and seek
 Puck won't get bonus assist gold and experience if he stais in Phase Shift while kill happens.

Hidden danger
Killing the unit while he is hidden with  Shadow Demon's Disruption (killed by poison) or  OD's Astral Imprisonment (killed by Sanity's Eclipse) effectively ignores any reincarnation ability he has. Useful to kill  Leoric or  Aegis bearer. No reincarnation will be wasted as well.

Buying orb-attack with  lightnings or  Desolator on the melee hero will grants him twice as much lifesteal from  Vampiric Aura. 60%!

Strong Storm
 Storm's passive ability removes  Linken's Sphere buff from the enemy on triggering.

Spilling attack
 Lanaya's Psi Blades deals pure damage, effectively blocked by Pipe's Barrier or spell immunity.

Sapper chicken
Ground  courier doesn't receive damage from  Techies' land mines, but triggers them. You can demine whole ground with it.

Suicide issues
Suicind with  Bloodstone while playing on Techies counts as Suicide squad Attack, effectively reducing respawn timer by 50%.

Locust swarm
Beetles of  Weaver can attack the enemies around them while flying and not latched. It allows to remove up to 50-70 hp from enemy's tower.

Wisp-Maphack (not really)
 Wisp's countdown on Relocate over the head is visible for everyone and though fog of war or invisiblity as well. It allows to properly time out aoe-stuns. Watch the clock!

Useless projectile evasion
 Dagger or any other skills, which supposed to disjoint projectiles, can't disjoint any triggered projectile. You can't evade  PA's dagger or  Tinker's missiles. Reason is — code malfunction.

More vision!
Buttons «deliver items» and «resume delivery» inside the  courier allows to see big AoE around him. Useful for scouting without risking to lose the courier.

Useful tricks

Picking up the first rune
If enemy of ally blocks out rune spawn point with his body you can turn camera with Ins/Del buttons and get better angle. Some units pretty fat and it won't work then. Probably you'll have to replace the model with something bigger then.

Weak PC isn't always bad
Low perfomance PC suffers of FPS drop everytime stomp is casted, including  Roshan's stomp. If you suddenly noticed 5-10 FPS drop, enemy could going Roshan.

Vision Frost
 Lich with Scepter can wards enemy's woods with ultimate. Golems are immune to magic and Chain frost always give vision around it.

Arc Warden's issues
Copy of  Zet steals experience just like normal hero. Do never keep him nearby while farming or you'll drop behind in EXP.

Regeneration % doesn't stack
Regeneration from  Slark's ulti,  Heart Of Tarrasque, Fountain and Healing ward of  Juggernaut doesn't stack.

Manaleak > storm
 Mana Leak works on invulnearble units, making Kotl proper counter to the  Storm. Only theoretically, of course, in real life Storm melts him down easily.

Safe Sun Ray
 Gem doesn't work while  Sun Ray is enabled. Transfer it to somebody else if you gonna use this ability.

Cursed gold
 Hand of midas can be wasted on  Necro warriors without any effect, but it will start cooldown nevertheless.


There are hundreds of other bugs in official 6.83d, but them makes YOUR life worse, not enemy's. Therefore they aren't worth mentioning. You can find all of them fixed in changelog data of DotA Allstars.

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